June 2008 | Earl Manufacturing Triples Resources for Maximum Productivity

Earl Manufacturing is comprised of three major groups, the Production Group, the Engineering and Design Group and the Tek Group. These three divisions provide a turnkey solution for a wide array of Earl customers.

The Production Group:
The Production Group has the ability to take a fabricated sheet metal product from concept through completion using highly automated, state-of- the-art high speed Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment and combined it with Gas Tungsten, Gas Metal and Shielded Metal Arc welding. A wide variety of heavy-duty custom containers for Military, Homeland Security and other specialized applications are also part of our Production Group's capabilities. Protective finishes ranging from baked enamel to powder coating can be applied as a regular part of our services.

Products like shipboard lockers, ventilation ducts, marine furniture and other custom manufactured items can be constructed to the highest Mil Spec and ISO 9001-2000 Certification standards.

The Engineering and Design Group:
The Engineering and Design Group fills the unique demands of prototype machine construction--those complex machining and processing stations that are needed to complete a stage in the creation of a customer's product. From food processing machines for Kraft/Planters to the creation of subassembly fixtures for Ford Motor Company, the Earl Engineering and Design Group has served a wide range of government, industrial and scientific customers with everything from building to customer-initiated drawings to complete research and development-driven solutions for a particular production need through installation, testing and support. ISO 9001-2000 Certification and Quality Management System Requirements apply to all projects handled by the Engineering and Design Group.

The Tek Group:
The ability to precisely machine large, complex superalloy and titanium castings for the aerospace, gas turbine and power generation industries is a new capability that Earl Manufacturing has recently added by creating the Tek Group. A state-of-the-art 7-axis robotic machining station, The “EarlBot", multiple Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jet and shot blast cells enable unmatched speed, repeatability and accuracy to selectively remove casting sprues, gates and other excess material in preparation for subsequent machining and final assembly. As with the other groups within Earl Manufacturing, ISO 9001-2000 Certification Quality Management System Requirements apply as well as AS9100:2001 Aerospace Standard.


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