Earl Industries is expert and fully certified at all types of complex, restricted, and technical availabilities (including drydock availabilities and the integration of related repair efforts such as AITs) on U.S. Navy ships and craft of all classes, including aircraft carriers and submarines. In addition, Earl Industries is consistently seeking new opportunities and markets in which to offer the companys full range of quality services at competitive prices. This constant striving to expand by building on our existing capabilities is one of the keys to Earl Industries success as it keeps the company lean and well managed resulting in a more efficient and goal oriented work force.


Comprehensive engineering services by an experienced and degreed engineering staff.




Ocean Disciplines

Shipboard Hull and Tank Preservation

Earl's unique, company-designed containment system - in full compliance with OSHA and EPA guidelines - has become the standard for the USN.

Structural/Pipe Fitting Services

Certified ASME and Mil-Std welding and NDE/NDT

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

Fluid Systems Overhaul

Complete Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Capability

Mechanical Services

Diesel Engine Overhaul and Maintenance

Pump/Valve Overhaul

Re-tubing of Condensers and Heat Exchangers

Bearing Surface Refurbishment

Full Rigging and Lagging Services

Electrical Services

Earl possesses a unique, proven process for the in-place cleaning and refurbishment of electrical rotating equipment and experience with installation of joint mission command and communications systems on multiple ship platforms.




Repair and Overhaul


Through the firms Coatings Division (United Coatings), Earl Industries provides complete metal preservation services including environmentally sound containment systems, abrasive blasting, ultra high pressure (40,000 psi) water blasting, and application of all types of coatings.

UHP Water Blasting

Abrasive Blasting


Blast and Paint Booth

Rigging and Containment


Earl Industries manufacturing capability includes a highly automated, mass production, specialty sheet metal operation that produces high quality consoles, ventilation systems and other specialty items, including:

Custom Items

Ventilation Systems

Military Specification Lockers

Custom Cargo Containers

Marine Furniture

Racks and Bins


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