John R. Byrne
Senior Project Manager

Mr. Byrne has over twenty-two years of experience with U.S. Navy ship maintenance, alterations, and overhauls and is fully knowledgeable of all aspects of organizational interfaces and functional aspects of ship modernization processes. A 10-year veteran of active service in the U.S. Navy where he served in technical and supervisory positions, Mr. Byrne served as an Outside Machinist Leadman and Ship Superintendent for ship repair firms before joining Earl Industries as Senior Project Manager in 1998. Mr Byrne is the lead project manager for Aircraft Carrier maintenance that is done by the company at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Charlie E. Sutton
L Deck Program Manager

Daryl B. McCrickard
Production Manager

John R. Byrne
Senior Project Manager

Judah B. Chakoff
Submarine Program Manager

Steven D. Schoonover
Project Manager

Jonathon L. Nichols
Assistant Production Manager

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