Apprentice Program
  • Facts About The Apprentice Program:

    When you become an apprentice, you will enter into a formal relationship with Earl Industries, and be placed on a fasttrack avenue to 2nd level journeyman within a particular trade. Itís an awesome way to get involved with the organization and benefit from an intense three year training/support program. Youíll have an opportunity to learn much about your craft, future leadership positions within the company, get college credits, and be recognized as one of the best. While in the program, you will be required to provide regular attendance, be punctual, conduct yourself in a professional manner, be diligent in your work habits, and achieve satisfactory academic progress while you strive for mastery in your chosen craft. As an apprentice, you will be assigned to a curriculum of college instruction which will include basic core courses, e.g. math, English, shipyard related instruction, and trade specific electives. Typically, classes will be scheduled for times other than normal working hours; apprentices attend most classes on their own time.

    In addition to classroom training, each apprentice will be required to complete a three year program of intense On-the-Job-Training (OJT) provided by their department supervisor. Each trade will have a separate work process skill sheet that contains 6,000 hours (3 years) of OJT for the specific trade. Periodic coaching sessions will be conducted to assess the progress of each apprentice.

    Program Completion:

    Upon completion of the program, each apprentice will be promoted to 2nd Class Journeyman and given a state certification of recognition. As a program graduate, you will know that you are a part of a long tradition of a quality workforce. Our skilled trades people maintain and repair the vital systems that keep todayís ships seaworthy. The safety of a ship and its cargo, and the life of its crew, can depend on our good work.

  • Are You Qualified For The Program?

    All persons are eligible to be considered for the apprenticeship program who:

    1) Are at least 18 years of age

    2) Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.

    3) Can demonstrate a reasonable degree of mechanical aptitude

    4) Preferably, have worked for the company for at least 6 months

    5) Have a good attendance and work performance record

    6) Take the college placement examination

    7) Are recommended by their supervisor/foreman

    8) Complete the application process

    How Do You Apply For The Program?

    See your supervisor or foreman. Program information and application forms are available in the Human Resource Office. You can drop by for a visit or have the information sent to you. Classes begin with each college semester and will last for three years. Please direct program questions to the Human Resource Office at
    , extension 153.

    We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The recruitment, selection and training of apprentices is carried out without discrimination as to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or veteran status.

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