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At Earl Industries we take great pride in offering our employees a strong, well-rounded benefit package. Periodically, employees are surveyed to find out how current benefits are meeting their individual needs. Often, adjustments are made based upon responses to these surveys. The following paragraphs summarize the Earl Industries' Benefit Package. We encourage you to compare our benefits. Earl Industries is confident that our program is one of, if not, the best available.

Medical Insurance

Earl provides medical coverage to eligible employees at a minimal cost per week. Family members may be added by payment of an additional premium through pre-tax payroll deduction. For hourly employees, coverage takes effect on the first of the month after a three-month waiting period and submission of an application. Plan options offer a low co-pay for primary and specialist visits. The low option provides coverage at 80% once the employee meets the contract year deductible for some services. Both plans also include a prescription card.

Dental Insurance

Earl provides dental coverage to eligible employees as part of the medical premium. Family members may be added by payment of their full premiums through pre-tax payroll deduction. Coverage is effective on the first of the month after a three-month waiting period and submission of an application. * Employees may select any dentist they wish. Services are reimbursed for the usual and customary charge, with 100% coverage and no deductible for routine preventive care. Other services are covered after the calendar year deductible is met at various percentages depending on the type of service.

Life Insurance

Earl provides term life insurance equal to one time the employee's annual base salary at no cost to all eligible employees.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Employees can purchase a maximum of 5 times their base salary up to $300,000 of supplemental life insurance with a minimum of $20,000 and a guaranteed issue amount of $100,000. Employees pay 100% of the premium for this coverage.

Disability Insurance

Earl provides disability coverage to all eligible employees. The company pays 100% of this premium. Coverage is effective on the first of the month after a 3-month waiting period. * The disability plan is a combination short term/long term policy, covering employees to the age of 65. This policy pays 60% of an employee's base income up to established caps if an employee is disabled due to an illness or injury, which occurs off the job.

Worker's Compensation

Earl Industries carries the appropriate policies of workers compensation for care of our employees should they have a work-related illness or injury.

Employee Assistance Program

Earl provides to all employees and family members who live in their home access to an employee assistance program (EAP). Our EAP provides up to three free confidential counseling sessions which cover issues such as marital problems, legal problems, financial problems, substance abuse, and job stress.

Vision Care

Employees and their families may take advantage of eye exams and discounted eyewear with our medical carrier.

Prepaid Legal Services

Earl Industries offers a prepaid legal services plan to all employees and family members who live in their home. Employees who elect this coverage pay 100% of the premium. A small weekly payroll deduction covers a wide variety of legal services including preparation of a will, purchase of a primary residence, and traffic court representation, all without any deductibles or co-payments.

401K/Profit Sharing

Earl Industries offers a 401K/Profit Sharing plan to all eligible employees, which enables them to put money away for retirement on a pre-tax basis via payroll deduction. Employees may choose from several funds for investments, based upon their individual needs and risk tolerance. Based upon annual profits, Earl Industries may match a percentage of the employee's savings.

529 College Savings Plan

Earl Industries sponsors a 529 College Savings Plan to enable employees to save money for college expenses, while enjoying the 529 Program tax free growth on the savings.

Full-Time Employment

All salaried employees are hired as full time employees. Hourly employees may be reviewed for full time status after a six-month probationary period. Once full time status is achieved, the following benefits are provided:

7 paid holidays per year

Accrual of 13 days of paid time off per year. After 4 years of full time service, accrual of 18 days of paid time off per year

Tuition reimbursement upon approval for job related courses

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