AGIE | Progress Wire EDM Center

Tool + Die's leading-edge Agie Progress 2 Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is located in an environmentally controlled facility within the manufacturing plant. The Agie Progress 2 CNC/DNC brings highly complex parts designs to production quickly and efficiently in response to customer critical timeline requirements through its 3D Cad/Cam interface, utilizing AutoCad Inventor 8, 3D models. The Agie Progress 2 has the highest wire EDM metal removal rates available today at 47 square inches/hr, while creating parts, even in hardened materials, of .0002 inches total volumetric accuracy throughout the work envelope. Operating in the X, Y, Z, U and V Axes, complex geometrical parts are produced in one set up cycle enhancing the Agie Progress 2s lights out capability.

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