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Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions

We offer solutions, not just service, for all of your Advanced Planning, Scheduling and Preservation requirements — any job, anywhere, any time.

With a long and distinguished corporate history of industry leadership, United Coatings (UCC), as we have been known for eighteen years, has joined Earl Industries to become Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions, bringing the synergy of their essential skillset into the Earl corporate commitment of Excellence, On Time, On Budget.

The expertise of Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions spans a full spectrum of environmentally-compliant ultra high pressure water blasting and abrasive blasting surface preparation, custom containment and coating application services.

Our ultra-high pressure water-based systems allow our experts to safely strip and prepare surfaces. Equipped with a closed-loop system, it captures and removes paint debris–often while our other teams simultaneously apply high-tech coatings including epoxies, polysiloxsanes, alkyds, urethanes, antifoulant bottom paints and a wide variety of non-skid products directly adjacent work areas. To contact us, call or fax us at .

Our commitment is to total quality, and our pledge is simple: to provide the very finest in Marine, Commercial and Industrial Surface Preparation and Coating Services available anywhere. We are committed to customer satisfaction, employee safety, the protection of our environment and investing in our company’s future for our employees. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art meeting or exceeding all OSHA, NIOSH and EPA Pollution Abatement Requirements.

Our skilled and experienced workforce is continuously updated on safety and the latest in application technology to enhance the quality and performance of our craft–a matter of company policy. This commitment to training and safety has paid off with optimum productivity, superb quality and a safer work environment for all of our team.

We fully embrace and practice the Quality and Safety Programs presently in place and are committed to sustaining a safe and healthy work place while proudly performing our highly skilled, quality on-time services.

Advanced Preservation Solutions

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