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Earl Precision Manufacturing’s Custom Container Integration and Outfitting capability was established in 1992 to support the growing habitability requirements of the US Navy, US Coast Guard and continental US Shipbuilding and Repair Industries.

By using steel Standard ISO Shipping Containers as a beginning point for modification, our custom containers are, in turn configured to provide years of reliable service for the full spectrum of demanding 30+ year life cycles, specific mission requirements and virtually any conceivable land or sea environment.

Building on this cornerstone of our business, the Custom Container Integration and Outfitting facility in Portsmouth, Virginia has proudly filled requirements ranging from 1000-Gallon Double-Wall US Navy Fuel Tanks with internal and external level indicators to Emergency Housing Units and Work Stations able to be stacked or used singly as part of disaster or national emergency responses. Accordingly, all varieties of required internal configurations can and have been routinely met with proven, sound engineering practices and techniques.

Earl Precision Manufacturing is uniquely able to provide a wide range of container configurations. We offer comfortable, secure living quarter units complete with lavatory, berthing and kitchen facilities with a variety of durable and appealing interior treatments. The robust adaptability of our containers has made creation of rugged battlefield-ready USMC Airfield Damage Repair Kits and mission-critical Remote Renewable Energy Radar Communications Stations an easily delivered economic reality.

No matter what the need…To Live In, To Work In, or to Pack and Post, Earl Custom Container Integration and Outfitting will provide Excellence, On Time, On Budget.

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