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Mobile Renewable Energy Custom Containerization

The department of Defense required a series of renewable power systems to operate autonomously for over 1 year in one of the harshest environments on the planet . It had to be rugged, reliable and cost effective. Earl Precision Manufacturing provided the solution! It produced a rugged 20’containerized unit of continuous renewable energy powered by a combination of both convenient solar arrays and wind turbines coupled with the latest in high efficiency battery storage technology. Configurations engineered to produce 5KW, 15KW, and 30 KW.

30KW EarlCon configuration

30KW EarlCon configuration

  • Operable in any weather conditions on virtually any terrain
  • 100% renewable power: no fuel, no emissions, low noise, simple maintenance
  • Modular, scalable and customizable for specific operating environments
  • Efficient two-man deployment and stowage on most configurations
  • Outstanding Customer Support includes Comprehensive Training Courses, Manuals and Certifications as well as On-Call Technical Support
  • Attractive ROI with 8 to 24-month payback period with IRRs in excess of 50%

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