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Our Robotic “Hydrocats” are self-contained water blast systems which attach to the substrate surface via vacuum and travel over the surface as directed by a UHP Technician via remote control. This system recovers all the removed debris and water from the blasted surfaces and transfers it to a filtration unit for collection and disposal. We also offer the open lance method of water blasting via a hand held water jetting lance which is directed at the substrate to be cleaned by the UHP Technician. This method of water blasting may require some type of containment or barrier to collect and recover the resultant debris and water for disposal.


As industry faces ever stricter environmental controls, we are setting the standard in containment procedures with leading-edge expertise in marine, offshore, nuclear, fossil, hydro and cogeneration utilities, and other industrial areas. Since 1992, Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions (United Coatings) has incorporated state-of-the-art technologies to enhance traditional abrasive blasting practices. We offer a wealth of experience using all types of abrasives, including aluminum oxide, coal slag, copper slag, walnut shell, garnet and glass bead. Our specialty ventilation systems can be adapted for any confined space.

Abrasive Blasting Advantages

  • Surface profile/anchor patterns are easily obtained
  • Fast and thorough surface preparation
  • Prepares surfaces to four universally accepted degrees of cleanliness
  • Cleans areas that are typically inaccessible
  • Low cost


Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions’ capabilities include full-service lead and other hazardous material abatement programs, with dehumidification equipment, dust collection and environmentally-safe recovery of hazardous materials, as well as mobile personnel decontamination facilities. Our equipment inventory meets or exceeds all OSHA, NIOSH and EPA Pollution Abatement requirements.


Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions has provided innovative solutions to non-skid applications onboard Navy vessels through interaction with NAVSEA working groups, planning yard activities and other ship repair specification governing bodies. This public private partnership has resulted in rapid improvement executions to remove non-value-added processes from cumbersome work practices. The result has provided first class craftsmanship performance done safely, on schedule and on budget.

Examples of this are the use of containments to maintain and control stringent ambient conditions necessary for the proper preparation, application and cure phases of the process that otherwise would be at the mercy of the elements and thus cause delays. Containments also isolate the non-skid process from other trades and personnel to maximize the amount of work that can be accomplished in the tight schedules provided while minimizing the hindrances caused by delays from interferences from other trades personnel and processes.

The employment of state-of-the-art closed loop UHP equipment to pre clean areas more thoroughly than conventional methods prior to actual non-skid removal ensures no cross contamination to the substrate. The employment of closed loop UHP equipment to rough cut large areas to reveal preexisting substrate conditions that might warrant technical adjudication while there is time to address as found conditions at the beginning of the job that would otherwise slow the job down if found later on in the process. Lastly the use of closed loop UHP equipment allows other facets of our process such as power tooling inaccessible areas to proceed simultaneously.

Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions also offers closed loop UHP equipment smartly integrated with other cleaning equipment to clean flight decks and VLA markings to allow ships to maintain their NAVAIR certification. This non-skid “rejuvenation” process removes hydrocarbons and restores adequate coefficient of friction without them having to perform more labor intensive and potentially environmental hazardous processes.

The management philosophy of Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions is captured in our mission statement which has yielded thoroughly pre planned approaches to jobs to maintain schedule and budget while an active and embedded safety and quality control mindset in the production supervision sets us apart from the competition. Our record speaks for itself.


Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions has extensive experience in the application of a wide range of marine and industrial coatings, linings, and specialty products. We have recently successfully applied the latest in coating technology including 100% volume solids systems utilizing plural component application equipment. We are committed to working closely with the owner and paint manufactures to select the correct coatings for the type of substrate, service and exposed environment.

Our paint application equipment includes the following:

  • (16) King 45:1 Spray Pumps
  • (4) Graco 68:1 Spray Pumps
  • (5) King 74:1 Spray Pumps
  • (2) King 56:1 Spray Pumps
  • (1) Graco 30:1 Spray Pump
  • (4) WIWA Spray Pumps, Plural Components
  • (2) Graco Spray Pumps, Plural Components
  • (2) Titan Airless Spray Pumps
  • (7) OSHA approved Paint Storage Conex Boxes


In order to meet the needs of our customers and response to more stringent environmental concerns and regulations, Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions (United Coatings) currently operates two (2) stationary Spray Booths and one Blast Room. This state-of-the-art facility can accommodate components up to 20 feet wide, 16 feet high, 50 feet long and 40,000 pounds in weight. This state-of-the-art, environmentally compliant facility can meet your surface preparation requirements using recyclable steel shot or a vast array of abrasives including garnet, glass bead, etc. A variety of coatings can be applied to meet your specifications, using airless or conventional spray.


Nearly every coatings project requires a specific degree of environmental containment to control airborne dust particulate from surface preparation and paint spray emissions. Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions’ capabilities include state-of-the-art technologies in rigging and environmental containment design and controls. Our innovative design and installation of scaffolding, removal of spent abrasive and specially designed containment systems enabled us to abrasive blast and preserve approximately 600,000 square feet of surface area on the USS Roosevelt (CVN-71) in record time. We specialize in turn-key offshore structure containment and project management.

Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions has nearly 6000 sections of suspended staging and numerous specially designed containments to protect the environment and the surfaces being treated. Whether it is scaffolding and containment systems for Off Shore Communication Towers, Airport Hangers or United States Navy Aircraft Carriers, United Coatings can accomplish the rigging and containment challenges necessary to accomplish environmentally safe and compliant surface preparation and painting

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