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Our secure, state-of-the-art facility in Portsmouth, Virginia houses the array of highly specialized equipment and machines necessary to perform the critical casting machining and preparation steps integral to the production of both industrial gas turbines and turbofan aero engines.

Earl Precision Aerospace Machining’s six 12’ by 14’ enclosed Ultra High Pressure Cleaning Cells and 8’ by 20’ Shot Blast Cleaning Cell allow the simultaneous processing of multiple parts for efficient production flow from one operation to the next.

Our “Earlbot”™ 7-Axis Robotic Abrasive Waterjet is capable of precision machining aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys up to 8” in thickness. Castings up to 6’ in diameter can be accommodated in the environmentally-enclosed unit, then relocated with our 5-Ton Overhead Crane as needed for any additional operations.

Rounding out our capabilities are six Down-Draft Finishing and Polishing Stations for turbine vane completion, along with a 4’ by 4’ by 8’ Wax Tank. Earl Precision Aerospace Machining’s experienced and motivated staff is the catalyst of our highly specialized craft. They remain a source of pride and the single most important ingredient in our ability to deliver Excellence, On Time, On Budget.

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