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Albert (Jim) Hodges

CVN Program Manager

Mr. Jim Hodges has over thirty years experience in the performance of shipboard preservation for new construction and ship repair. Jim is responsible for all aspects of preservation contract performance for Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions Division’s, CVN MSMO Programs, including the logistic assignments of personnel, equipment and resources, as well as planning and scheduling of associated work. He has been a member of the Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions (United Coatings) coating team since its formation in 1993, and maintains a NACE Level 1 Certification.

Jean O. Blanchard

Business Development Manager

Mr. Jean Blanchard brings a strong business development background, which includes strategic planning, identifying and qualifying new clients and developing winning proposals. With superior communication skills and experience in creating and presenting high-level presentations, Jean’s marketing skills are grounded in continuous training, and well suited for developing effective business strategies. As an accomplished technical writer, he is frequently called upon to convey Earl Industries’ Advanced Preservation Solutions Division’s experience and expertise in a manner that reflects the company’s highly regarded “quality in business” standards.

Kerri M. Linkenhoker

Office Manager

Mrs. Kerri Linkenhoker, while operating under the umbrella of office/personnel management for over twenty years, provides the complex multifaceted skills needed by Earl Advanced Preservation Solutions to maintain a smooth running division. As the point of contact for the daily ebb and flow of eighty to one hundred permanent Earl APS (UCC) employees and a constantly changing demand for temporary support personnel, Kerri manages to ensure that all of the support needed by this division is provided in an impeccable and unprecedented manner.

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