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Brian J. Perry

Vice President, Integrated Power & Controls Division

Mr. Brian Perry has over 30 years experience in the marine electrical industry. With broad technical and managerial experience, Brian has traveled worldwide performing surveys aboard US Navy ships for power and lighting, elevators, conveyors, generators, switchboards, communications, alarm circuits, and weapons systems controls.  With previous experience at the Jonathan Corporation, Colonna’s Shipyard, and Marine Hydraulics International, Mr. Perry is regarded as a technical expert and a leader in the marine electrical industry for his innovative designs and gifted problem solving.  In 1995, Mr. Perry founded Beach Panel & Controls, Inc., which he sold to Earl Industries in 2008.

Todd C. Babcock

Director of Operations

Mr. Todd Babcock has over 25 years of ship repair experience at several Hampton Roads shipyards, with positions ranging from Electrical Supervisor to Ship’s Superintendent.  From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Babcock worked with Brian Perry at Marine Hydraulics International.  When Brian founded Beach Panel & Controls in 1995, Todd became one of the company’s first employees.  When Earl Industries acquired Beach Panel & Controls in 2008, Todd became responsible for all daily operations, and he continues to provide exceptional leadership for this specialized marine electrical systems integration division.

Keith Hubble

MilCOTS Technical Program Manager

Mr. Keith Hubble holds a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering Technology) degree from Old Dominion University. He has over 10 years of experience in developing and packaging commercial-off-the-shelf control systems for naval combatants in both foreign and domestic applications. Keith joined Beach Panel & Controls in April of 2006.  As the MilCOTS Technical Program Manager, his expertise continues to bring technical innovation and product development leadership to Earl Integrated Power & Controls Division’s MilCOTS product line.

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