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Precision Tooling and Machining

Earl Precision Manufacturing’s exacting Tooling and Machining capability stems from utilizing the latest technology in Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machinery and a highly automated machine tool and die operation. Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) workstations are regularly tasked with various operations that are a specific part of larger often highly complex assemblies. This equipment enables us to produce conductive metallic component parts of various sizes to the closest of tolerances and in a lights-out production environment.

The Division’s diverse lathe and milling machine centers enable the production of a wide variety of component parts via the most current Computer Aided Drafting / Computer Aided Machine (CAD-CAM) software and programming techniques available. Our programmers routinely utilize CAD-CAM software to import CAD models from our drawing vault to the various EDM and CNC machining centers within the complex. Conversational and G- code programming is also accomplished by machinists and toolmakers on the CNC machines. Traditional lathe and milling machine operations are available if needed for the project requirements at hand.

Precision Manufacturing

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