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Corporate Culture

Senior Leadership Team

Earl’s team of seasoned and highly-trained industry experts are passionate about delivering world-class quality to the US Navy and all of our customers.

Earl Industries attracts and retains the best people in the business. Their skills, commitment, discipline and enthusiasm continue to make us an undisputed leader on the Norfolk and Mayport waterfronts. Our management and staff are indeed passionate about delivering world-class quality, and doing so in a professional and ethical manner. Our customer-centric focus and collaborative approach – integral to our corporate culture – can be seen and experienced at virtually every level of the company.

We continually invest in our employees to ensure that they are among the industry’s finest. Regular staff training programs and Six Sigma-based continuous process improvements help us react to industry changes and refine our processes – so that our front-line employees are ready to recognize and proactively address potential problems before they occur.


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